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Child Development Assistant     (Lvl 1) Full Time

  • Plan and implement age appropriate learning, development and programs according to our approved curriculum

  • Provide a stimulating and varied program of play and learning opportunities.

  • Create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which children can flourish and develop.

  • Lead children activities including singing songs, reading stories, doing crafts, and allowing for creative expression.

  • Actively encourage children’s progress in all area of development, types and stages of play, by interaction and extension of play activities.

  • Utilize positive child guidance strategies that align with our program philosophy and policies

  • Prepare, serve and supervise children’s meals and snack. Cleanup after meals and close of day

  • Provide complete care for the children and perform all task that corresponds to the care for children including - personal care needs, napping, toileting / diapering

  • Ensure and maintain high standard of safety, hygiene and cleanliness in both our indoor and outdoor facilities.

  • Ensure safety and well-being of the children

  • Ensure a clean environment at all times.

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